Parents Voice

We get some great comments from parents and centre families and would love to share these with you.

"The centre feels right. Its a home away from home!"

"My child is confident here already, she was not like this at previous centre. Its great to see that she is like she is at home here. I am so happy we moved her here."

"I fully recommend Busy Bees on Tasman Street. My daughter has been going there now for a year (shes 2.5) and absolutely loves it. The teachers are always so welcoming, respectful and aren't judgmental. I'm very fussy as well so went on my daughters behaviour there. Straight away she went to play and sit with other children and teachers where as at other centres she hesitated etc. I knew it was a good fit. Busy Bees are great!"

"I love that my child sings song not only in English. When they come home they sing to me in sign language and also in Te Reo Maori. I love it!"

"The best thing about the centre is being part of a whanau and the genuine care the teachers had for their students and the parents as well"

"I think Busy Bees is the best place for our child to attend, i love the way the different activities and playground obstacles are set up daily. I love the way the staff encourage the children and explain things to the children. It is such a positive place to leave our little girl, while we're at work. All the other children seem very happy too. Just really stoked to have found Busy Bees"

"I love the communication book. I get to sit down and read it t night which gives me inspiration for toys and play at home"

"Its lovely to be greeted with a smile and friendly chat when we pick up and drop off. I want my child growing up knowing the world is a friendly place, and there are only friends we haven't met yet. You guys do this everyday, and it makes for a lovey atmosphere"

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