Links You Might Want To View/Read

Here is a great link about how childrens brains develop and the importance of conception to 5!how a childs brain develops from womb to age five

One-on-One realationships are so important. Nathan Mikaere Wallis talks about how important have one person to connect with is. This is why we believe in Primary Care!

24 Lunch box ideas is a great site to gather some new ideas for your tamariki lunchbox.

Janet Lansbury has a great wee blog about the struggles involved in trying to encourage children to eat. this is definitely worth a read if you have a fussy eater!

Audio. What 3 to 7 year olds need to learn Nathan Mikaere Wallis. Nathan is very inspirational and full of great learning for us all to listen to.

Brain gym nelson is a great resource for ideas to help create important connections in the brain

brain gym nelson lazy-8 provides awesome ideas to support children to cross the midline. An essential skills for brain development and writing skills.

The New Zealand curriculum for early childhood is Te Whariki.Here is a link to the document that we use on a daily bases.
Te whariki

All the teachers at busy bees are not only qualified teachers they are all registered as well. Registration as a teacher helps insure that the best care is given to your children by teachers who you current and appropriate knowledge. Here is link to the criteria all teachers must meet in order to be registered here in New Zealand.
Practising teacher criteria

All teachers in New Zealand are accountable to the teachers council. Here is a link to their website.
Teachers council

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